Privacy Policy

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RedBush Technologies Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • All the sessions are COMPLETELY PRACTICAL. Study Material and Practice Material will be provided.
  • We request every attendee to join the session everyday at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Connection Issues, if any, should be notified to us over call to our India Mobile Number at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • Mic, Headset and Webcam are mandatory for every attendee.
  • No inbuilt / external speakers to be used during the training sessions.
  • Recorded video(s) for the missing session(s) provided upon PRIOR intimation before the session.
  • Recorded video(s) for the missing session(s) would be hosted online on our File server until the very next session commences.
  • We can provide Maximum of ONE video per week per attendee. This limitation is because of our File Server space management issues.
  • Prior intimation and confirmation mandatory for course discontinuity in prevailing batch and option to continue in the next batch, based on available schedules.
  • Training aspirant has option of processing the course fee payments in installments. Course Fee once paid CANNOT be refunded.
  • Slot Confirmation subject to availability of seats.

Privacy Policy, Guidelines, Rights and Responsibilities Pertaining to Redbush

1. Privacy

We value the privacy of all Training Aspirant, Attendee, Consultancy or Company contacts. We use your training registration information (Email and Contact Number) for our reference records ONLY and to provide a more personalized service. We DO NOT share your information to any consultancy nor company without your (attendee or representative) consent.

2. Using our Services

Trainee (Training Aspirant) needs to follow any policies made available to him/her within the (Training) Services we provide in case you are interested to register with our (Training) Services. Group attendance or any other misuse of our services is a punishable offense subject to Gurgaon Jurisdiction.

3. Policy Terms

The Training sessions Conducted / Delivered by us are ASSETS of RedBush Technologies and we hold complete Rights on the same. If any Attendee/Student/Client is found recording the sessions through any means of Software or Device , it will be considered a CRIME. The Guilty is subjected to Copy Right, Piracy, Criminal and Civil Laws.Also the registration of guilty is liable to be cancelled without any refund.
RedBush reserves the right to amend/change/include guidelines, policies and terms any time for transparency and service quality purposes. Any dispute or legal issues subject to jurisdiction of Honorable court(s) situated at Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

4. Trainee / Attendee Benefits

May use, reuse (in any form) the Study Material provided in downloadable format during / after the training. May contact RedBush for technical doubts and Job Support activities over email in-lieu with training registered for. Attendee enjoys Realtime in-depth training and can contact RedBush for technical doubts on the subject during / after the training sessions. Attendee has option of taking the course in a later batch in case of any discontinuity in the registered batch upon prior intimation and confirmation from RedBush.

Confirmed training aspirant (Attendee) enjoys all benefits we provide during the training session abide to Terms, Conditions, Privacy Policies and Guidelines.
We truly appreciate the adherence to policy and service terms by all out training aspirants.

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