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Student Fee Report Management System-Java/NetBeans Project for CBSE IP Class 11th, 12th, B.Tech

Description: In Student Fee Report project there are two users of the system : Admin & Accountant.
So we can enter the system as a Admin or Accountant.

When Admin will log in he can
• Add a new accountant
• View list of all Accountants
• Logout
NOTE : User name & password for Admin Login are admin & admin

When Accountant will log in he can
• Add a new student
• View all students along with their details
• Edit the details of student based on rollno. So during edit rollno is required.
• Check records of students whose fee is due
• Logout
NOTE : User name & password for Accountant Login are:
Check details from feereport_accountant table by writing query:
select * from feereport_accountant in mysql workbench.
Pick any combination of user name & password.One option is abhi as username & abhi as password

Front End and Back End
Front End: Java Swing
Back End: MySQL

Tools to be used
1. Use any IDE to develop the project. It may be Eclipse /Myeclipse / Netbeans etc.
2. MySQL for the database.

You will be getting complete details along with running source code.

Call us to get the link to download source code file.

Click on below link to watch running project in detail.

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