About Search Engine Optimization

 What Is SEO?

SEO  Stands For Search Engine Optimization  it is process driving more traffic into         website with the help of organic search result on search engine.

How Many Types Of SEO?

Mainly there are two  types of SEO.

-On-Page SEO 

-Off-Page SEO

What is on-page SEO?                            

On-page optimization refers  all the measures taken within the website.

What are the on-page SEO rankings Factors.

  1. Keyword analysis.
  2. Meta Title.
  3. Meta Description.
  4. Heading Tags.
  5. URL optimization
  6. Alt tag.
  7. Canonical Tag.
  8. Security Protocol.
  9. Sitemap.
  10. Robots.txt.
  11. Anchor tag.
  12. Google Search console.
  13. Google Analytics.

What is Off-page SEO?

Off-page optimization refers all the measures taken outside of the Website.

What are the off-page rankings Factor?

  1. Quality Backlinks.
  2. Social Shares
  3. Domain Age
  4. Reviews.
  5. Competitor Analysis.

How many Times Of Backlinks?

There are many times Of Backlinks which you can make mainly are given below:-

  1. Directory submission
  2. social bookmarking
  3. Business Listings
  4. PPT Submission
  5. Web2.o(Subdomain Sites)

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO (Local Search engine optimization) refers to as local search engine marketing is any effective way to market your local audience online. if your target audiences is local market then you need to do local SEO?

What are ranking Factors Of local SEO?

  1. Google My Business Optimization.
  2. Local Business Listings.
  3. Link Building.
  4. Reviews and social shares.


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